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Security, Virus Removal, Spyware Removal

Recently it has become almost impossible to be connected to the internet without getting a virus, spyware, or some type of security breakin. You should have an AntiVirus such a Norton or AVG. We highly recommend AVG since it is FREE. In addition we highly recommend Spybot Search & Destroy and/or Adaware to remove Spyware. Below are links to these products.

Micrsoft Malware Removal Site

AVG Free AntiVirus Software

SpyBot Search & Destroy - Spyware Removal Tool - Free (can be download from this site)

Spybot Search and Destroy Link Direct Link

Adaware - Spyware Removal Tool - Free (can be download from this site)

Adaware Direct Link

Windows Updates
If you have windows, you must get your updates from Microsoft AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH to keep your computer free of security attacks. After going to the Microsoft Site using the Link below, click on Windows Update and follow the instructions.

Online Virus Scanners
Here is an online virus scanner that you can use to check for virus infections. Please use it if you suspect a virus infection.

Trend Micro Antivirus Online Scanner

AztecaNet can clean virus infected machines at our office for a reasonable rate. Please call if you cannot clean your computer yourself. Our prices are from $50 to $120 per computer.

Worm.Blaster.Worm Removal Instructions

Mozilla FireFox and Thunderbird
Firefox is a great replace for Internet Explorer. It eliminates popups, has less security problems, and blocks spyware. Although you cannot totally eliminate using Internet Explorer, Firefox is the best Browser at this time. In addition, Thunderbird is a great replacement for Outlook. If you were a Netscape user, Mozilla is ver similar.

Hosting Customers Having Trouble Sending Email
Many DSL, Cable, and Dialup Companies are blocking port 25. Port 25 allows you to send email through the AztecaNet Hosting Servers.

If you click on this link telnet:// , you should see
220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.13.1/8.13.1; Mon, 26 Sep 2005 15:53:38 -0700

If you do not see the above line and when you click on telnet:// you see
+OK AVG POP3 Proxy Server 7.0.338/7.0.344 [267.11.6]

Then your ISP is blocking port 25.
If your ISP is blocking you fro sending email try to send using these SMTP servers in your outgoing mail server

Mac Access

FreePPP FreePPP Download.

Mac Access

FreePPP FreePPP Download.
NCSA Telnet NCSA Telnet Download.
Better Telnet Better Telnet Download.
Fetch Fetch Download.

56K Modem Drivers
Puretek Rockwell 56K Software Modem PT-3515

FTP Instructions

You will need an FTP program like ws_ftp. You can download it here if you like. download

Host Name:   < - host name may vary depending on the type of account you have.
Host Type: Unix
User ID: johnd
password: ******

Home Pages must be in a subdirectory called html

If you are not using the AztecaNet dialup access service, your provider must be authorized to access the AztecaNet server. To get your provider authorized, send me an email stating your provider's domain name.

Surfwatch Software

MicroSystems Software
Net Nanny
Solid Oak
SurfWatch from Spy Glass

News Server Service at

FrontPage Support
AztecaNet now Supports Frontpage98 Extensions. If you would like to use Frontpage let us know and we will enable it for you account.

Read your Azteca Net email from a browser

Changing your Access Number

Changing your Password

Dial in Access Instructions

CGI Script Support


HTML Resources

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